National summit nears

National summit nears

National summit nears

Some "joyful warriors" will soon be gathering in Tampa to add to their toolboxes what they'll need to make necessary changes in their own communities.

The Joyful Warriors National Summit, scheduled July 14-17, is being held by Moms for Liberty. Spokeswoman Tiffany Justice says it is not just for women.

"We're going to have a lot of different speakers that will be addressing a number of different issues that are impacting families across the country and what you can do about those issues if you are concerned," says Justice. "Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Florida) and First Lady Casey DeSantis will both be speaking at the summit, along with Dr. Ben Carson, Betsy DeVos, [and] Allie Beth Stuckey."

Justice asserts that Moms for Liberty stands with Gov. DeSantis in his fight with the Biden administration over LGBT policies and school lunches.

Justice, Tiffany (Moms for Liberty) Justice

"A lot of children across the country get what's called free or reduced lunch. That means a portion of their lunch -- either half or all of their lunch -- is covered by the federal government and by tax dollars," she explains. "What the Biden administration has said is that if you don't adhere to what they would like, which are transgender guidelines, really erasing biological sex in place of gender identity, then you may not get free or reduced lunch for your students."

"I'm not exactly sure why the federal government would want to starve children," Justice adds.

A panel discussion on gender ideology is also scheduled for the summit.

"January Littlejohn is a mom from Florida whose daughter was put into a gender transition program at school without her consent or knowledge," Justice relays. "She'll be moderating that panel along with Jay Richards from The Heritage Foundation, who has done a lot of research in this area, as well as a gentleman named Chris Elston, who is a dad living in Canada."

Elston will be talking about what is happening in Canada and what Americans need to know in order to be able to fight back against "woke ideology."