How to fix America

How to fix America

How to fix America

With an upcoming conference, conservatives are reaching beyond the traditional base in hopes of regaining the influence the movement once knew.

In September, leading black conservatives will be hosting the Black Conservative Summit 2022 in Chicago to encourage those in attendance to "rise and take a stand" for the church, the natural family, the democratic republic, and Judeo-Christian ethics.

Wallace, Dr. Eric (Freedom's Journal Institute) Wallace

"We've got black conservatives gathering together to talk about issues from being woke, critical race theory, and all these other things that seem to be trying to pull our nation down," details Dr. Eric Wallace of Freedom's Journal Institute. "We want to talk about how we continue to be one of the greatest nations on this planet."

They also plan to discuss whether the nation's greatest problem is racism or socialism. Dr. Wallace points out that the latter has failed in a number of nations, yet many continue to promote it as America's fix.

"It seems right now it's this far-left versus the middle-to-right that is trying to control our nation, wants to teach our young people about sexuality in elementary school -- stuff we never would have done 10, 15, 20 years ago," the conservative observes.

With a foundation of the Christian faith, Dr. Wallace hopes the upcoming conference will encourage black conservatism, develop ideas on how to articulate the black conservative point of view, and motivate black conservatives to run for office.