Homosexuals remain Biden's priority

Homosexuals remain Biden's priority

Homosexuals remain Biden's priority

President Joe Biden continues to blatantly attack conservative states that want to protect children from the LGBT movement.

On Wednesday, the president issued an expansive executive order instructing all federal agencies to do what they can to influence society to accept and promote special rights for the homosexual and transgender community.

LaBarbera, Peter (AFTAH) LaBarbera

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) tells American Family News the entire administration is sold out to the agenda with a special emphasis on gender rebellion, otherwise known as gender confusion.

"They are crusading against so-called conversion therapy as their boogeyman, which is talk therapy to help people [who] have same-sex desires or they don't want to be transgender identified," LaBarbera notes.

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The latest executive order talks about "trans health."

"That translates into helping kids destroy their bodies -- giving them drugs that can affect later on whether they could get pregnant as an adult, or actually chopping off body parts," the AFTAH president asserts.

All government agencies, including the State Department, are ordered to explore ways to impose the agenda on the entire country and to promote the immoral lifestyles in foreign countries, even those that follow the Bible as the moral authority.

"A lot of what's in here is really on medical care and healthcare systems, as well as our education system, and directives to each of those agencies and those that work in those fields to really push this leftist agenda that we've seen harming children with this gender ideology," the Family Research Council's (FRC) Mary Beth Waddell details about the game plan laid out in the executive order.

Waddell, Mary Beth (FRC) Waddell

It also includes a section on pushing the agenda in the fields of foster care and adoption.

The document was issued in response to the recent legislative efforts of conservative states like Florida and Texas.

"There've been a number of states that have been trying to protect children from these harmful experimentations and to protect women and girls in athletics and in other spaces," Waddell notes. "That's what you're seeing -- a direct attack."

The FRC spokesperson points out that an executive order does not have the force of law. Still, as this one clearly indicates the administration's aim, she says it may be something people should keep in mind as November's midterm elections approach.