D.C. shames whites for committing non-existent crimes

D.C. shames whites for committing non-existent crimes

D.C. shames whites for committing non-existent crimes

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is launching a campaign to stop "trans-hate" on its buses and trains, a campaign that is likely to succeed considering there is no such abuse going on.

Most of the “trans-hate” posters hanging in terminals show a bearded, bun-wearing white man yelling at a transgender person, and there is a hotline to report hate crimes committed against transgender bus riders.

But there’s only one problem: It’s not happening.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, metro police recorded just one single incident in 2020.

And not one case in 2021.

And not one single case, at least yet, halfway through 2022.

So, in reality, the only recent case of verbal abuse is the imagined photo used for the metro ad.

Radio talk show host Jeff Crank says there's a word for what the DC Metro is doing: Virtue signaling.

“Trying to solve the problem that sounds like it doesn't exist,” he says, “according to their own police reports.”

Crank, Jeff (radio host) Crank

As far as fear and worry, there has been a jump in crime on city buses and trains. So the use of public transportation has dropped 80% because of it, the Beacon story states.

Even better, or even worse, depending on one's point of view, the Beacon reviewed FBI crime statistics that show there were 28 anti-transgender incidents in the nation’s capital in 2020. None of them involved a white man, including one with a beard and a man bun.

"The legacy media keeps driving this narrative -- The Washington Post and others -- who kind of drive this narrative of, it's a white supremacist attack and things like that," Crank says. "And everything is turned into a race issue here."