Romans 12:2 twisted for LGBT gain

Romans 12:2 twisted for LGBT gain

Romans 12:2 twisted for LGBT gain

With the blessing of the federal government, a number of schools and educators are bypassing parents in an effort to get kids to no longer conform to their communities' values, but to transform them by weakening families and ignoring biology.

Without a board vote, the Olentangy School District in Columbus, Ohio is the latest to adopt a policy restricting staff from informing parents whose children have chosen to transition to the opposite gender, unless compelled by law to do so. Jonathan Butcher of The Heritage Foundation says it is part of a larger game plan.

Butcher, Jonathan (Heritage) Butcher

"It's not just about one individual school, or even one state; this is about changing federal law to force Americans to question the idea that we should respect biological sex," he tells AFN.

According to the Washington Examiner, the district adopted the policy to conform to guidance from the U.S. Departments of Education and Justice. Butcher believes it is tearing families apart.

"It inserts public officials, in this case public schools, in between students and their families," he explains. "This is a vital institution, the family, and I think that these policies are weakening these relationships."

As a number of districts nationwide have adopted similar policies, a lesbian activist educator is conspiring with teachers in Colorado to "groom students" to accept homosexuality and to literally transform a small conservative community.

Higgins, Laurie (Illinois Family Institute) Higgins

Laurie Higgins, cultural issues writer for the Illinois Family Institute, reports that art teacher Jenna Riep invited a 12-year-old girl, who was new to Wellington, to an after-school art club that was actually a GLSEN meeting. She says Riep was trying to recruit someone new.

"What's really troubling about that is that the teacher lied to the student, a student who trusted her, about what the club was," Higgins laments. "I worked in a very liberal school district; that would not go on. I find that very shocking."

Kimberly Chambers, the activist who spoke at the meeting, wants to change the conservative community into one that affirms trans ideology.

"Did the school district hire her to change the values of the community," Higgins asks. "It's such incredible hubris."

The bogus "art" meeting reportedly traumatized the girl. Her parents immediately transferred her to a Christian school.