Arrogant and prideful at Davos stumbling into Book of Revelation

Arrogant and prideful at Davos stumbling into Book of Revelation

Economist and "Great Reset" author Klaus Schwab delivers his opening speech May 23 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. 

Arrogant and prideful at Davos stumbling into Book of Revelation

A well-respected Bible scholar says the World Economic Forum participants who met this week are pushing the world toward a one-world government, and thus fulfilling biblical prophecy, and the arrogant speakers all but boasted that is their plan.

The annual WEF meeting in Davos, Switzerland draws a who’s who of political leaders, corporate bosses, billionaire financiers, and high-brow academics, none of whom show much humility and self-doubt in  speeches and discussions that seem to conclude with god-like power in the hands of a few and a loss of individual freedoms for everybody else. 

Instead, the stages filled with the likes of WEF founder Klaus Schwab and Microsoft founder Bill Gates drew comparisons this week to the power-mad villains from the James Bond films.

And they made it easy, too.

“Let us be clear: The future is not just happening,” Schwab told the audience. “The future is built by us. By a powerful community as you here in this room.”

The week of grandiose speeches and audacious plans hasn’t going unnoticed by Bible teacher Jan Markell. A student of End Times prophecy, her weekend radio program “Understanding the Times” explores the headlines of the day with biblical passages that have been studied and debated by pastors, scholars, and lay leaders for generations.

Markell, Jan (Olive Tree Ministries) Markell

Markell tells AFN that the Book of Revelation, in chapter 17, describes a one-world government that is coming and is led by the Antichrist.

“And we don't know who that is,” she says. “But I think the Antichrist servants right now are heavily serving under Klaus Schwab in the World Economic Forum.”

Schwab, the German-born economist and leader of the World Economic Forum, has deservedly become the poster boy for authoritarianism after putting his elitist dreams in book form. The first book was “The Fourth Industrial Revolution," published in 2017, which predicts a technology-driven future that "works for all."

Then came “COVID-19: The Great Reset,” which published in 2020 and has become a de facto motto for the globalist leaders’ not-so-secret plans.

In one eye-opening moment this week, Germany's chancellor implored the world's nations to cooperate and leave national sovereignty in the past. 

"If some want to take us back to the past of nationalism, imperialism and war, our answer is ‘not with us.’ We stand for the future," he said in one of the final speeches. "When we realize that our world is becoming multipolar, then that must spur us on to even more multilateralism, to even more international cooperation.”

During a discussion of technology, the president of Chinese multinational corporation Alibaba bragged that technology is coming to track your “individual carbon footprint” that monitors traveling and what you're eating.

“Stay tuned,” J. Michael Evans excitedly told the crowd. “We don’t have it operational yet but this is something we’re working on.”

A history of 'New World Order' 

The best-selling “Left Behind” books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins imagined a future one-world government after the pre-Tribulation rapture of the Church. The very first book was published in 1995, now nearly 30 years ago, back when President Bill Clinton ignited fears of ceding power to the United Nations.

Even before then, it was President George Bush who described a "new world order" in a 1990 address to Congress. 

According to Markell’s understanding of Bible prophecy, the rapture of the Church is indeed the “next step” in God’s plan for planet Earth. It is anybody’s guess what kind of crisis the planet is witnessing when that happens, she says, but fear makes people obey.

“The minute people are afraid, they listen to government,” she tells AFN. “Well, that's going to get them listening, eventually, towards a man with a plan who is a Mr. Fix It. His title is Antichrist.”