Public library's 'pride' display draws conservatives' ire

Public library's 'pride' display draws conservatives' ire

Public library's 'pride' display draws conservatives' ire

A battle continues to rage in Florida over pro-LGBT propaganda in a public library.

John Labriola, the head of Mass Resistance in Citrus County, Florida, has taken issue with county officials over a "gay pride" display at the local library in June. Since his campaign started, a crowd of followers has ignited to ask that it be permanently removed.

"In January, the county commission chairman agreed to put it on the agenda," Labriola tells AFN. "He made a motion to ban sexual orientation-type displays in the library. That motion unfortunately was defeated by a one-vote margin, and the majority of the commission decided to punt the issue to what's called the Library Advisory Board [LAB]."

So Labriola's group took their issue to the LAB. "Again, we were rejected by a 7-to-2 margin, because the Library Advisory Board is stacked with far-left liberals, even though Citrus County is very conservative," he shares. "Whenever these liberals go into a community, it seems that they come in with a purpose to take over all the local boards, all the advisory boards and so forth."

The LAB only advises the local library – and the nine members are appointed by the five county commissioners. The commissioners mentioned that anyone unhappy with the LAB's decisions could apply for positions on the board.

When some of the town's residents tried to apply for a LAB position, however, they learned that the board was no longer accepting applications. Further investigation revealed that the positions had not even been advertised, and the County Commission had interpreted the LAB's regulations to insist that the current members had "lifetime appointments."

The commissioners received much flak from this action, and they re-opened the applications on March 8. Currently about 40 people have applied to be on the library board.

Labriola says the conflict is a huge issue because he alleges the LGBT activists are using the "pride month" to help groom children to enter their lifestyle.

The Mass Resistance chapter appears before county commissioners on Tuesday. Although library management has canceled Pride Month this June, it could resurface next year.