McFarland: Young adults waking up to bullying of 'woke'

McFarland: Young adults waking up to bullying of 'woke'

McFarland: Young adults waking up to bullying of 'woke'

Some eye-opening statistics have come from the American Values Atlas about young Americans and their support for the homosexual movement, and a Christian apologist says independent-minded young adults are standing firm.

According to the Public Religion Research Institute, support for pro-homosexual ordinances aimed at public accommodations as well as Christian-owned businesses continues to tick upwards, but one group seems to be bucking the trend.  Republican young people ages 18-28 saw their support for so-called non-discrimination ordinances fall by ten points over the last six years.

Responding to that survey’s findings, Christian apologist-author Alex McFarland gives one explanation: Young, conservative-leaning adults tend to be independent and opinionated.

McFarland, Alex (Christian apologist) McFarland

“The whole mainstreaming of homosexuality has been less about truth and more about sales pitch and pressure,” he observes. “And young people, they’re idealistic. They're compassionate. But they're also individualistic, and they're not going to be bludgeoned into going along with some party line.”

That is especially true for self-described Republicans, McFarland says, because they formed their opinions and beliefs in a climate of bullying for those beliefs among their peers.

“Deep in their heart they know that a lot of this LGBTQ trans and forced tolerance just doesn't pass the sniff test,” he tells AFN. “What sniff test am I talking about? Truth and reality. And young people, they still do care about truth."