American men have a problem

American men have a problem

American men have a problem

A human trafficking “abolitionist” says the trade would dramatically diminish if one source that fuels it got the help that is available to them.

Trafficking of women and children is an everyday problem in America, especially in the midst of an event like the upcoming Super Bowl. Kevin Malone, former general manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers and current CEO of the U.S. Institute Against Human Trafficking (USIAHT), explains that men come to town with a pocket full of money and ready to party.

Malone, Kevin (USIAHT) Malone

"Unfortunately they think partying includes purchasing sex from vulnerable women or from children," he laments. "It's just the perverseness of a man's heart that thinks it's okay to buy people for their pleasure."

So with pimps traveling the circuits with their trafficking victims for sale, one factor is especially startling for Malone.

"American men are the number-one consumers of buying sex in the world, and that also applies to buying sex from children," he reports. "So American men have a problem, and I encourage them to stop this evil. Get help. There's help out there. There is hope and they need to stop."

A message of help and hope is also there for the victims of trafficking, as USIAHT continues to reach out and educate police, educators, students, and the general public about the reality of human trafficking.