Bible-believing politician won't leave truth untold

Bible-believing politician won't leave truth untold

Bible-believing politician won't leave truth untold

A member of the Parliament of Finland is on trial today for tweeting a Bible verse in 2019.

Sofia Hörder, communications officer for Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) International, says Päivi Räsänen is being charged for hate speech for having sent a tweet containing a Bible verse directed at her church leadership.

"She was questioning their support of pride events," Hörder details. "Police investigation started, and they went back to 2004, where they started looking into a pamphlet Päivi Räsänen had written called 'Male and Female He Created Them.'"

Hörder, Sofia (ADF International) Hörder

The pamphlet involves marriage and sexual ethics, especially the challenge homosexual relationships are to the Christian concept of humanity.

"[Another] thing she's being charged for is she engaged in a radio debate in 2014, and the host had also pressed her on the topic of homosexuality, and she had presented her Biblical view of things," Hörder reports.

Evangelical Lutheran Mission Bishop Juhana Pohjola has been charged with one count of ethnic agitation for publishing Räsänen's booklet back in 2004.

The European Convention of Human Rights guarantees the freedom of speech, as does the constitution of Finland.

"Free speech is a fundamental human right that is affirmed by pretty much every international treaty," Hörder asserts. "Päivi should have the right to say these things, but she is being prosecuted under the Finnish criminal code, under ethnic agitation, which is a type of hate speech law. These types of laws have been proliferating across Europe, limiting speech that people may consider offensive."

Räsänen, who worked as a doctor before going into politics and is married to a pastor, has reportedly remained calm throughout the investigation. And as she faces up to six years in prison if found guilty, she is grateful and thankful for all the people who have been praying over her situation.

ADF International does not expect a ruling for at least another month.