Heads up, Parma parents

Heads up, Parma parents

Heads up, Parma parents

A grassroots volunteer organization dedicated to watching schools and school boards across Ohio is sounding the alarm over an upcoming workshop meant to train public school teachers in how to accept and affirm the LGBTQ lifestyle.

The agreement between the Northeast Ohio Diversity Center and Parma Schools contains a disclaimer stating none of the resources and information shall be given to Parma students. Linda Harvey of Mission: America says that is an attempt to circumvent parents.

Harvey, Linda (Mission: America) Harvey

"The content of this workshop is so shocking," she relays. "It's clear that most parents would not want teachers to be trained in homosexual activism, but that's essentially what this workshop is all about."

But Harvey is confident parents will find out about the workshop, and when they do, she encourages them to take action.

"They need to take action and say none of this at all should happen [or] be taking place," the Mission America president suggests. "The money should be returned from the DCNEO (Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio) organization to the Parma schools."

Harvey, who is also a member of the Protect Ohio Children Coalition, adds that the coalition can help equip parents who want to take a stand at the school board level.