Gem State values life

Gem State values life

Gem State values life

Idaho is working to limit abortion and has legislation ready to go in place should Roe v. Wade get overturned.

The U.S. Supreme Court is working on a case that could overturn the 1973 ruling that forced abortion on all 50 states, and it has also been dealing with the Texas Heartbeat Act, which has been upheld so far. Meanwhile, David Ripley of Idaho Chooses Life says the Idaho Legislature is likely to pass a measure similar to the latter that, among other things, enables private citizens to sue an abortionist for terminating a child whose heartbeat can be detected.

Ripley, David (Idaho Chooses Life) Ripley

"It's a novel enforcement mechanism," Ripley notes. "It is the only time in my memory that Planned Parenthood has lost in federal court, and if nothing else, it gives me great pleasure to see them frustrated finally in federal court."

Idaho's lawmakers have already taken steps to prepare for the possible overturn of the Roe v. Wade decision.

"In the 2020 session of the legislature, we were able to pass a trigger law that would automatically criminalize all abortions in the state of Idaho upon an overturning of Roe," Ripley details. "I believe we're one of 11 states in the country that has that mechanism on the books already."

If the decision does come down for life, then 30 days later, the trigger law will ban most abortions in The Gem State. Abortion advocates reportedly worry Idaho is on its way to outlawing all abortion, and lawmakers say that is what they want.

The legislature goes into session this week.