Feds' decision to go with 'X' for gender proof of misplaced priorities

Feds' decision to go with 'X' for gender proof of misplaced priorities

Feds' decision to go with 'X' for gender proof of misplaced priorities

A family advocate is taking the U.S. State Department to task for issuing its first passport with an "X" gender designation, a distinction the Biden administration calls historic and celebratory.

The State Department had announced this summer that it was moving toward adding to passports a third "gender marker" – for nonbinary, intersex, and gender-nonconforming people – but was awaiting final approval of the Office of Management Budget. Yesterday, the department announced it had issued, for the first time, a passport with an "X" gender designation, but declined to whom the passport was issued.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality says the administration is getting lost in the weeds.

"This is an administration which can't take any steps to stop the flow of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants at our southern border, but they've got their priorities straight because they're going to put an 'X' for the non-binary spot on the passport," LaBarbera says sarcastically.

LaBarbera, Peter (AFTAH) LaBarbera

He contends that while the administration is getting its "politically correct" on, lives are being torn apart by the fiction that gender is a social construct and that sex is malleable.

"The truly horrific thing about this ideology is it leads to the physical harm for [what is] now hundreds of thousands of people," LaBarbera tells AFN. "We see even underage boys and girls going down the road of having hormone 'therapy' – so-called – and even radical transgender so-called 'surgeries.'"

While he admits it's tempting to just get angry at it all, the pro-family activist that can't be the only Christian response. "It's just so sad, and Christians need to have that sorrow," he shares. "They need to be angry at the immorality and the evil of it – but we also have to reach out to these people and show them that this is not who God made them to be."

That's the focus of the award-winning documentary by American Family Studios "In His Image," which is designed to equip the Church to answer culturally controversial questions about gender and sexuality from a biblical perspective.