China isn't fooling anyone

China isn't fooling anyone

China isn't fooling anyone

The founder of an international coalition united in the belief that forced abortion and sexual slavery in China must be stopped suspects the host of the 2022 Olympics is up to some skullduggery.

The months-long campaign to get the 2022 Olympic Games moved out of China, largely because of the way the government treats its own people, has so far been unfruitful. Reggie Littlejohn of Women's Rights Without Frontiers says the communist government has responded, though.

Littlejohn, Reggie (Women's Rights Without Frontiers) Littlejohn

"Beijing, through the International Olympics Committee, has banned international spectators from attending the Olympics," she reports.

Unvaccinated athletes will be quarantined for 21 days, and only Chinese people -- those who are under the Communist Party's surveillance and control -- can pass through the gates to watch the games in person. COVID-19 is reportedly the reason why foreign visitors will be excluded.

"I think that perhaps they are banning international spectators from the games because they're worried that people from other countries could come to the games and protest genocide in Xinjiang, forced abortion, what China is doing to Tibet, what China is doing in Hong Kong, [and/or] Chinese aggression towards Taiwan," Littlejohn lists.

In other words, she suspects China does not want demonstrations and protest banners in front of the cameras.

Littlejohn is encouraging people to sign the GenocideGames.org petition calling on the International Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs to move the games to Japan or another country that is prepared to host them.