Dem disses men, uses innuendo to introduce legislation

Dem disses men, uses innuendo to introduce legislation

Dem disses men, uses innuendo to introduce legislation

A Pennsylvania lawmaker is taking a shot at the Texas Heartbeat Law in his own legislature.

The Texas law, which was allowed to go into effect by the U.S. Supreme Court, forbids an abortion if the preborn baby's heartbeat can be detected, usually around six weeks' gestation – and it allows citizens to sue an abortionist for up to $10,000 if he or she violates it.

AFN spoke with Maria Gallagher of the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation about a radical proposal in Harrisburg by a Democratic member of the State House.

"We're deeply troubled by the legislation proposed by Representative Christopher Rabb, which calls for all men – or people he calls 'inseminators' – to undergo vasectomies within six weeks after having their third child or 40th birthday, whichever comes first," the pro-lifer explained.

Gallagher, Maria (PA Pro-Life Federation) Gallagher

And under Rabb's proposal, if a man should impregnate a woman, the mother would have the right to sue the father and receive a $10,000 reward for reporting men who are in violation.

"Obviously Representative Rabb is interested in publicity," Gallagher continued. "He's not really interested in the fundamental issue of the sanctity of innocent human life."

While it's unclear if Rabb intended to use double entendre, he offered the following explanation in a memo published Saturday:

"The rights of cisgender men have always been paramount in our society with little focus on their responsibility as inseminators to change their behaviors for the good of their partners, families, and society at large. As we head toward climax on this heated discourse around this delicate matter, we should come together to address it with surgical precision."

Gallagher says there's no chance of Rabb's proposal passing in either chamber.

Meanwhile, the Texas law is saving as estimated 100 preborn babies per day from being aborted. Last week, the Biden administration filed a lawsuit against the Heartbeat Law in hopes of landing the first legal blow.