Recent attack won't deter pro-life preacher

Recent attack won't deter pro-life preacher

Recent attack won't deter pro-life preacher

A street preacher in Milwaukee found few friends at a local high school last month, but he has not and will not stop telling the truth.

Nicholas Heald is a born-again Christian and an abortion abolitionist who has preached the Bible at various locations. This time while outside Riverside University High School, he displayed a picture of an actual aborted child and spoke against abortion.

"The school doesn't teach them this, and the media's not teaching them this, so I went there to teach them that," Heald shares. "I grew up in a public school system, and I wanted to bring to them this information that no Christians ever brought to me when I was growing up in the public school system."

Students did not react well to his message, though. Heald reportedly debated with students for about 30 minutes before he was attacked – a scene he captured on bodycam and Facebook Live.

"They were mocking me, even after I'd been knocked into the street, punched, and I was lying on the ground," the preacher accounts.

But those students were not the only ones who took issue with what Heald had to share.

"The faculty opposed it," he continues. "One of them was talking about how he loved God, but he said this wasn't the right way to do it."

Heald quickly recovered from the beating and assures American Family News that the experience will not deter him from presenting the gospel and the truth about abortion to young people.

"Actually, I've gone to a few other high schools since then," he says.