Not all Dems nodding along with VP at 'genocide' claim

Not all Dems nodding along with VP at 'genocide' claim

Vice President Kamala Harris is drawing criticism for nodding along with a college student who claimed Israel is guilty of "ethnic genocide" when Palestinian terrorists routinely launch rockets at the civilian population.

Not all Dems nodding along with VP at 'genocide' claim

The leader of a messianic Jewish ministry says a recent comment from Vice President Kamala Harris is another example the Biden administration opposes Israel and its security, and that opposition comes with a price.

Harris was recently a guest speaker at George Mason University, located in northern Virginia, where she took questions from students after talking about voting and voter registration.

A student who identified herself as "part-Yemeni, part-Iranian” suggested to the Vice President that Israel is committing “ethnic genocide” against Palestinians and America is allowing that to happen with our support and our tax dollars.

In a meandering answer, Harris responded by telling the student that "your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth should not be suppressed.”

That bizarre observation came just days after Democrats in the U.S. House voted for a bipartisan bill that helps Israel fund its Iron Dome air defense system. Far-left House members had forced the funding to be stripped from a spending bill but the House leadership hurriedly passed a separate bill after an uproar.

Iron Dome shields Israeli civilians from rockets fired from Palestinian terrorists, which happened as recently as Sept. 3, when 20 rockets were fired and six rockets made it through.  

Markell, Jan (Olive Tree Ministries) Markell

Jan Markell, founder and director of Olive Tree Ministries, says that exchange demonstrates another reason why Harris should not be the U.S. president one day.

"It's surely a terrifying thought,” Markell tells American Family News. "I think things could get worse because I think there is underlying, literal anti-Semitism going on in the sentiment of many on the Left, from the top on down in leadership, in Washington."

Regarding the U.S. role as an ally to Israel and its people, Markell says the Book of Genesis clearly warns that God curses the nation that curses Israel.

“We are in the process, as we speak here, of cursing Israel in a diplomatic way,” Markell insists. "Her comments that were made to that student were obviously ludicrous but it bodes very, very troubling for the future. That's an understatement.”