Pushback on library filth draws ire of LGBTQ crowd

Pushback on library filth draws ire of LGBTQ crowd

Pushback on library filth draws ire of LGBTQ crowd

Some residents of a small Wyoming town found their complaints about sexually graphic reading materials in their library – targeting youngsters – were falling on deaf ears. So, they went even more public with their concerns.

Activists in Gillette, Wyoming, are being threatened after they made known that the local library contains filthy books directed at young people. Kevin Bennett of Wyoming MassResistance explains that exposing minors and children to pornographic materials is illegal in Wyoming. But local officials, he says, don't seem to care.

"We've been making all the county commissioner meetings and talking against it, and they just ignore us," he tells AFN. "It's illegal in Wyoming to do that – yet our county government and our county government-appointed library board are actively promoting this deviance."

He contends it an attack on the nuclear family through their children. "The idea is subversion and indoctrination using books aimed at kids to put bad sexual ideas in their heads," he continues.

"It's aiming primarily at teenagers, but there's a lot of books that've been brought to our library which are aimed at younger kids … easy readers like 'How to Make a Baby' and 'Rainbow: A First Book of Pride.'"

According to Bennett, his group warned the county and library officials that if something wasn't done about the materials in the library, drag queens would be appearing soon at the public venue.

"And it turned out they had already booked one," he continues. "Even though the library director was in the room when we said that, they didn't bring this to our attention. We found out independently."

Then came pushback: "When we pointed out that they were promoting perverted sex on children in the library, the LGBT community locally put up a billboard – and we put up billboards in response to them."

As a result, Bennett reports, he's endured personal Facebook attacks accusing him of hate for his opposition to the LGBT campaign. On top of that, he says, a wheelchair-bound Baptist pastor who was only collaterally involved received a death threat – and his church was vandalized.