Is survival 'too militaristic' for police?

Is survival 'too militaristic' for police?

Is survival 'too militaristic' for police?

An expert on law enforcement issues says growing disrespect for police is leading to an increase in attacks on law enforcement, but cities are opting to cut training that would help officers defend themselves.

Ambush-style attacks on law enforcement in 2021 are up 148% from the same time last year, according to the Fraternal Order of Police. Randy Sutton of Law Enforcement News Network says it seems to be open season on police.

Sutton, Lt. Randy Sutton

"People used to fear the consequences of fighting with the police or confronting the police in a violent way," he recalls. "Well, they’re no longer afraid of consequences because the consequences have been diminished so demonstrably."

He says he is seeing more premeditated traps meant to lure police to their deaths.

"It shows a more depraved and thought-out process," the expert laments. "This isn't people reacting quickly to a situation, but actually lying in wait for officers."

He adds, though, that officers can learn to notice and avoid some ambushes, but it takes training, which is something today's large city police forces are cutting.

"The unfortunate reality is that in the last five or six years, tactical training for law enforcement, officer survival training, has taken a backseat to woke training like sensitivity," Sutton continues.

He says police agencies and cities have judged some law enforcement survival classes to be "too militaristic," and so those areas of police training have been banned.