Drag queen story hours reconvene

Drag queen story hours reconvene

Drag queen story hours reconvene

A conservative protestor in California recently confronted the workers at a local public library about their apparent lack of concern for children.

When the COVID shutdowns eased up in June, the San Diego public library system began a super-charged "LGBT Pride Month" promotion that included homosexual-themed library cards. A main feature was a series of drag queen story hour events for young children – led by cross-dressing men who performed in all the city's libraries.

Many citizens throughout the country have wanted to show their disapproval of public funds being used to invite men dressed as women to entertain children, and San Diego MassResistance recently led protestors at City Heights Library, where a woman identified only as Marilyn was told to leave when she entered the building.

"You need to quit doing this," Marilyn told a library staffer. “I'll step outside eventually, but you need to stop holding these things."

When the employee threatened to call the police, Marilyn invited him to do so, saying, "We've talked to them before." She then emphatically stated that her only concern was the children, who are being influenced by a perverse lifestyle.

"I appreciate how much you care about the children," the staffer responded.

The dialogue continued with Marilyn admitting, "What I'm afraid of is that you guys don't care enough about the children, because you are allowing these events to take place, and you're subjecting them to sexually perverse lifestyles that are destroying their innocence."

"You're complicit in destroying children's innocence by exposing them to sexual deviancy, here in our public libraries, paid for with our tax dollars," she added as she was led out of the building.

Pro-LGBT literature, produced by the library, was handed to each child as they left the event.

MassResistance San Diego did not expect their protest would stop the performance, but they believe they made their point, and they plan to continue demonstrations at other libraries that have drag queen story hour events planned.