YAF: Never forget 9/11

YAF: Never forget 9/11

YAF: Never forget 9/11

This year marks 20 years since the 9/11 attacks, and an organization of young Americans is making sure that what happened that day is never forgotten.

Kara Zupkus, spokeswoman for Young America's Foundation (YAF), says the 9/11: Never Forget Project is where high school and college students across the country place 2,977 flags on their campus "to commemorate all of the lives lost that day to Islamic terrorists."

Zupkus, Kara (YAF) Zupkus

"This year, I think, in particular it carries a special meaning -- not only with it being the 20th anniversary of the attacks, but with all of the chaos going on in Afghanistan," Zupkus adds.

While some current college students may have been alive on September 11, 2001, many only know about 9/11 because someone told them about the attacks. Most are not old enough to remember watching the situation unfold after Islamic terrorists flew planes into the towers and into the Pentagon.

"We have nearly 200 schools registered to participate in the project, so we're on call for any backlash or any First Amendment violations that might take place," says Zupkus. "A few years back, we definitely had some pushback with schools not letting them do flags on school grounds, then saying that our posters calling out radical Islamic terrorists was Islamophobic."

So YAF is "on alert" for students facing that this year.

The 9/11: Never Forget Project began in 2003.