'Radical' agenda thriving under the radar

'Radical' agenda thriving under the radar

'Radical' agenda thriving under the radar

The president of an educational group dedicated to exposing the homosexual-bisexual-transgender activist agendas says the media's silence is a major reason why many people don't understand the destructive nature of gender reassignment surgeries.

During the course of the pandemic, health services moderately decreased their offerings to save resources for COVID-19 treatment. But so-called "gender confirmation" surgeries, including for young people, reportedly increased by 12-15%.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) tells American Family News other countries are wising up.

"In countries like the U.K., they understand that this is not safe for children," he begins. "They're not capable of giving genuine consent; they're too immature to make such decisions, and yet in the United States continues full steam ahead."

LaBarbera, Peter (AFTAH) LaBarbera

In America, where Life Site News reports many parents are concerned about their kids making such a permanent decision so early in life, public schools are cutting mothers and fathers out of the equation to assist children in their path to change sexes. A Chicago public school, for example, recently sent out memos explicitly requiring that teachers and school staff hide it from parents if their student begins to identify as the opposite sex—an idea often planted in their heads by LGBT curriculum. 

LaBarbera says one should wonder whether profit is a motive and whether Americans realize that gender reassignment operations are permanent and wrong.

"I think that Americans still have not been informed of how radical this business is, the money behind it, the big medical facilities that are pushing this radical transgender, transsexual agenda," he notes. "We've got to put it to a stop, at least for minors. This is ridiculous."

But LaBarbera recalls that when CBS's "60 Minutes" did an exposé on the topic, the network was viciously attacked by LGBT activist organizations. What he calls a "herd lockstep politically-correct attitude in American media" is preventing the truth from getting exposed.