But what about what's best for the child?

But what about what's best for the child?

But what about what's best for the child?

The executive director of Indiana's "premier decency organization" explains why news from a couple with a role in Washington’s political scene is nothing to celebrate.

Pete Buttigieg, a former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, a former presidential candidate, and the current U.S. Transportation secretary, has announced that he and his homosexual partner will soon adopt a child.

Micah Clark, who heads the American Family Association of Indiana (AFA-IN), points out that studies show the best environment for a child to be raised is one with a married mother and father.

Clark, Micah (AFA of Indiana) (1) Clark

"The research also shows that children who are raised in homosexual households are more likely themselves to either be homosexual or experiment in risky sexual behavior," Clark continues. "The focus of the story in the news media is all about the Transportation secretary and his husband. They rule out what's best for the child."

He says when a homosexual couple adopts a child, they fail to realize that the influence of both a mother and a father are necessary for a healthy upbringing.

"Children raised by two men do not have a mother, and children need a mother and a father," the family advocate reiterates. "Anybody who's a parent understands gender differences are very important. Moms and dads parent differently, both to the benefit of the child. And this child will be deprived of a mother."

Nevertheless, Clark is sure that the LGBT movement will celebrate this adoption in hopes of convincing America that homosexual couples adopting children is just fine for everyone involved.