Eyewitness to Seattle's decay: This is goal of Far Left

Eyewitness to Seattle's decay: This is goal of Far Left

The tech-savvy, hipster city of Seattle has turned into a Third World dump of drug use, rampant crime, and an exploding homeless population, but a local radio host says the city’s slide toward destruction is not a mistake --- it’s the cure.

“The end game here seems to be to destroy capitalism,” Ari Hoffman says of his adopted city, “and if you destroy capitalism, you end up with socialism.”

If taxpayers and businesses qualify as capitalism, then both are on the decline. In a March story, The Seattle Times looked at 2020 change-of-address requests to the U.S. Postal Service to measure families leaving. Those figures showed 69,432 families moving out in 2020, a potential drop of 7% in just a year.

The same city had made headlines for a growing population just a year earlier. 

During the worst months of the pandemic in 2020, Seattle was expected to witness 4,500 businesses close, some temporarily and some for good, in the city of 769,000 that includes as estimated 12,000 homeless. 

Hoffman, a weekday radio host on KFI 570, says the city’s problems start with city council leaders who are literal Marxists and Communists. Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawan is a member of the Socialist Alternative, and Tammy Morales is a member of the radical Democratic Socialists of America.

Morales handily won re-election in 2019 on a District 2 ballot that included Hoffman, who used the race to address the city’s tent cities of homeless, and the crime and drug it has created.

If you want to do something about that problem, Hoffman tells One News Now, you are called a “bigot” and a “Nazi” for wanting to make the streets safer.

“They call you every name in the book,” he recalls of the city election two years ago in which the FBI investigated anti-Semitic threats against him.

Hoffman found himself in a bizarre situation during the 2020 campaign when far-left activists mocked him for publicizing the news that a decapitated homeless person, dead for weeks, had been discovered in a tent. In a city overrun with homeless people and crime, Hoffman was accused of exaggerating the incident to scare the public and to bolster his run.

A police report, however, later backed up his claims. 

As if crime and drugs weren't enough of a lingering problem, Seattle witnessed Marxists take control of the Capitol Hill area in 2020 and establish their "autonomous zone" that lasted for weeks.

The so-called CHOP began after police abanoned their own precinct rather than defend it, and it ended only after the anti-capitalist area described as an "experiment in life" by The New York Times was plagued with theft, robberies, rapes, and finally homicides.

Hoffman warns the goal of far-left politicians in Washington state – and in every state they hold office is to make the community so violent, so divisive, and so chaotic that people will unknowingly beg for something different.

“That's what they're going for,” he insists. “That's what they're trying to achieve: socialism and Marxism.”