Dr. Dobson's family defense plan

Dr. Dobson's family defense plan

Dr. Dobson's family defense plan

A leading advocate for the American family is urging parents to fight for the future of the country and her most vulnerable citizens.

Dr. James Dobson, who has been on the frontlines of America's culture wars for nearly 50 years, says he has never seen the country in such desperate peril. He recently sounded the alarm on his "Family Talk" radio program.

"Everything we have cherished about America is under assault, encompassing the entire Judeo-Christian ethic," he declared. "Where do we start to preserve what we can't afford to lose?"

From critical race theory in the classroom to the transgender community demanding normalization, he says the attack is directed at children -- Christian children in particular.

"The Marxist, leftist activists and liberal politicians who are engineering today's revolution recognize that everything that they and their socialist predecessors have sought to achieve for many decades is suddenly within reach," Dr. Dobson observes. "This is why they are throwing hell itself at the young."

He recommends a five-point plan of defense.

"Introduce your toddlers to Jesus," he says is job one. "As your kids grow older, tell them about the gospel and the plan of salvation. Nothing else will shield them from the wickedness that invades the culture."

He next advises parents to get involved in their kids' schools and reminds them that the Lord has entrusted their children to them, not to educators. The fourth point in his plan is for parents to consider running for school board positions.

And lastly, for those whose local school districts are "determined to indoctrinate and manipulate the minds of your children, and your concerns are falling on deaf ears, take your children out of public schools," Dr. Dobson urges.