Author's prediction: Left 'overdoing' it to its own demise

Author's prediction: Left 'overdoing' it to its own demise

Author's prediction: Left 'overdoing' it to its own demise

An author and investigative journalist is convinced that the Left – fueled by entitlement and a devastating vision for America – is on a path of self-destruction.

During his keynote speech Sunday afternoon at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas, Texas, former President Donald Trump said generations of American patriots have passed down a glorious inheritance – "and we are not going to let it be taken away … by a small group of radical left Marxist maniacs."

In his latest book*, author James Simpson explains how and why this Marxist movement has run rampant through the U.S. "Everything that has been going on for decades reflects the mind and personality of Karl Marx," he tells One News Now – adding that Marxism is communism.

"Some people think of communism as an alternative economic system that distributes the benefits and the resources of a society equitably across everybody," Simpson continues. "[But communism is] a body of strategies designed specifically to put its promoters in positions of absolute power and [acquire] the wealth that goes along with it."

And Marx himself, Simpson says, "is put up as a secular icon by the Left – [on a level] almost equal to God – with the answers to all of society's ills."

To the contrary, the author describes Marx as "a greedy, parasitic, self-serving, slob – [who] was also a bigoted racist [who] approved of slavery."

"Like most major leftists, including Mao Tse Tung and the Castro brothers, [Marx] was a child of wealth," Simpson points out. "[They are] just entitled, spoiled brat, rich kids who think they know it all and are entitled to the world's resources without lifting a finger."

Simpson, James (author and journalist) Simpson

The entitlement/communism link

Education and government are under assault, the author argues, as many of today's young adults share a sentiment of entitlement.

"Many go off to college, [where they are indoctrinated to] become leftist and [taught to] think they are entitled to impose this monstrous philosophy [of communism] that has killed more people in times of peace than have died in all the wars of history combined," he shares.

He then describes today's Democratic Party – largely taken over by the "radical Left," he says – as "almost entirely a franchise" of the international communist movement.

"Those on the Left made the calculation that they wanted to be on the winning side of history and decided the best way to do that would be to be to subvert and destroy the United States – which was the most important goal specifically articulated by Karl Marx and many others," Simpson asserts.

"Communists and socialists now control the high ground of [American] culture in practically every area, whether it's media, universities, Hollywood, bureaucracy, and now even [extending] into corporations and Wall Street."

A challenge – but victory possible

While Simpson acknowledges the Left's unrelenting push has "horrified" many Americans and is a very difficult one to confront, he says it's not over yet.

"[To meet] these thoroughly controlling institutions of society head on, [people] have to offer alternatives to the direction the Left is going," he suggests – adding that he sees this happening in school boards around the country as parents are pushing back.

"Children are being indoctrinated to believe they can change sexes, and they're being indoctrinated into critical race theory – which are actually just ways to fracture and divide society," the author explains. But "as they [the Left] do so often, once given the chance, they overdo it."

Resulting, he predicts, in an American revolution of sorts. "… But it will be one where the alternatives to what the communist Left has done will cause people to vote with their feet and move to [conservatism] – [and] the Left will simply starve on the vine," he concludes.