Antifa demanded 'safe spaces' with sucker-punches

Antifa demanded 'safe spaces' with sucker-punches

Antifa demanded 'safe spaces' with sucker-punches

A protest organized outside a Los Angeles spa, where a male customer had exposed himself to females, not only drew counter-protesters but also black-clad Antifa members who pummeled people in the street in the name of fighting “transphobia.”

What was supposed to be a mild protest outside Wi Spa on July 3 devolved into a violent scene where baton-swinging L.A. police officers declared the area an “unlawful assembly” after protesters were chased down by an outnumbered mob of Antifa members along famous Wilshire Boulevard.

For anyone asking why Antifa pivoted from firebombing federal buildings to chasing down spa customers, Gary Bauer of American Values says it's because “intersectionality” demands it.

“What that means is that every movement on the Left must stand in solidarity with every other movement,” he explains. “So the trans movement must stand with Antifa. Antifa has to stand with the pro-abortion crowd. The pro-abortion crowd has to stand with the anti-Israel crowd.”

That description was evident when SoCal Antifa, assuming the male customer identified as female, stated on social media it planned to show up at the Wi Spa protest to “smash transphobia” and “smash fascism.”

One News Now reported in a June 30 story about the viral video showing an irate female customer who confronted a spa employee after a male customer exposed his private parts to women and girls in one of the spa rooms. The female customer was advised California law protects the male customer if he identifies as a transgender female.

In the same story, which published on a Wednesday, One News Now reported the female customers had announced an 11 a.m. Saturday protest but counter-protesters were planning to show up earlier.

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer
In a story published Friday, July 2, The Post Millennial reported SoCal Antifa and other radically far-left groups, such as Youth Liberation Front, announced they were coming which all but guaranteed that violence and mob rule were was coming to Wilshire, too.

What happened the next morning was predictable: At the Saturday protest, a string of violent, disturbing videos show a street preacher being kicked, a lone protester being pepper-sprayed and beaten, a videographer being punched and chased, and a Hispanic couple surrounded and threatened with violence.

According to Bauer, what brings all of the far-left groups together is a hatred for religious faith and for the traditional nuclear family.

“The Left is crazy and they show it every day,” he tells One News Now. “There's only one thing that unites them all: It's a hatred for America, a hatred for normalcy, and their desire to bring down this country because it's been built on Judeo-Christian values.”

That description is evident, too, thanks to the Wi Spa incident. Much of the public sympathized with the female customer’s frustration and anger but Antifa defended the male customer from the “angry patron” who “intimated her, misgendered her, and made her feel unsafe for simply existing.”

The very next morning, the Antifa mob made Wilshire Boulevard unsafe for anyone who did not dress in black and hide their face, and share its views.