Cruel and criminal: China's organ harvesting

Cruel and criminal: China's organ harvesting

Cruel and criminal: China's organ harvesting

China is famous for leading the world in technology and manufacturing, and infamous for stealing to do so, and now a watchdog group is speaking out about the communist nation’s horrific practice of harvesting organs from innocent victims.

Because of international pressure, China implemented a law in 1984 to stop involuntary organ transplants but the practice continues today.

Shelah Sandefur of China Aid tells One News Now that China is doing so because of the demand for organs and a short supply in other countries.

“Usually, from what I understand, you have to be on a waiting list depending on the severity of your illness,” she advises. “But there's a need, and people are willing to pay for their loved ones to have an organ.”

recent United Nations report, which China Aid was pleased to see, documented the forced harvesting of organs in China where prisoners are entered in a database of "living organs" that can be harvested.

Hearts, kidneys, livers, and corneas are the most common.  

Where do the organs come from?

Christian leaders, Tibetans, Muslim believers, and Falun Gong practitioners lose they kidneys and other organs because they are considered enemies of the Communist regime, which takes them from prisoners without permission and sells them for a high price.

“They harvest their organs,” Sandefur says of the CCP, “and at times when they're still living.”

Sanderfur and China Aid say there is only one country in the world that murders its own people for their organs, and that country is China.