Lawmakers agree: 17 is still too young

Lawmakers agree: 17 is still too young

Lawmakers agree: 17 is still too young

Minors in New York will have to wait until they're legally adults before they can get married.

New York is the latest state Unchained at Last has convinced to change its minor marriage laws.

"Children were able to be married off in New York by a judge … before the minors are old enough to have the basic legal rights that they need to prevent themselves from being forced into a marriage or forced [to stay] in a marriage," founder Fraidy Reiss tells One News Now about why The Empire State has been on Unchained at Last's lists.

New York legislators passed a bill in 2017 that made 17 the youngest a person could be to get married.

Reiss, Fraidy (Unchained at Last) Reiss

"Previously, children as young as 14 could marry," Reiss continues. "I think a lot of legislators left since the 2017 thing thinking, 'Oh, great -- we just fixed the problem,' and we had to point out to them that at age 17, a minor faces all the same handicaps that a 14-year-old faces."

So earlier this month, the legislature passed a bill establishing the minimum age for marriage at 18, which is the age at which a person legally becomes an adult. Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) has yet to sign the bill into law.

Five states have passed such laws so far.