Another corporation sees the light

Another corporation sees the light

Another corporation sees the light

Comcast has joined the war against illegal porn – an effort that continues to gain traction.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) has spearheaded a coalition to block porn sites from distributing illegal material. Spokesperson Lina Nealon tells One News Now the latest victory comes from Comcast, which is cutting ties with Pornhub and its owner, Mind Geek, the second largest in the world by revenue.

"Pornhub and Mind Geek and the porn industry in general are getting away with a lot," Nealon asserts. "They're posting child sex abuse material, sex trafficking, non-consensual images, and [they] largely have not been held unaccountable."

So while blocking Mind Geek is good news, she says Comcast still has work to do, because of other porn operations are still circulating on its system.

Nealon, Lina (NCOSE) Nealon

Nealon expects more corporations to follow suit as campaign information has been released.

"More survivors [are] coming out sharing the realities of the pornography industry," she relays. "I really think that more and more corporations are going to see that it's not a good business model to be supporting pornography industries."

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Unilever, Kraft Heinz, and PayPal have taken action to separate themselves from Mind Geek and its porn operations. The NCOSE spokeswoman submits that any corporation that is not in line to do likewise is helping facilitate illegal pornography.