Have we forfeited God's blessing?

Have we forfeited God's blessing?

Have we forfeited God's blessing?

An evangelical pastor and author says America is barreling down the wide path that leads to destruction, and only humble repentance can stop the slide.

Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles recently told Breitbart News biblical promises are being fulfilled.

"In the first chapter of Romans, the Apostle Paul writes that the wrath of God is revealed against the society," he referenced.

That passage, he said, talks about "a sequence" that plays out when people and cultures rebel against God.

MacArthur, Pastor John MacArthur

"The first sequence is a sexual revolution," MacArthur explained. "Three times the Bible says God gave them over to immorality. A homosexual revolution [followed], and God gave them up to the consequences of that behavior. [The] third part is basically a reprobate mind, a mind that doesn't function."

America saw a sexual revolution in the 1960s, followed by the rise of the homosexual lobby in the '80s, and now is the time of the reprobate mind, which MacArthur suggested "might be when you try to turn a boy into a girl or a girl into a boy," mutilating them in the process.

"I can't think of anything more insane than that," he said.

Though so-called progressives may think and claim they are blazing a trail toward "social justice," MacArthur believes the nation is on the road to perdition.

"There's a forfeiture by that culture of divine blessing, and they put themselves in a serious position before God," he said.

He also warned that while Christians should have an interest in politics, they must never forget that Christ is the only real solution for America's ills.