Christians are not confused

Christians are not confused

Christians are not confused

If evangelicals are, as The New York Times claims, looking for middle ground in the fight against the trans agenda – not wanting to endorse it, but also not wanting to reject it – a Christian apologist asserts no such place exists.

In her recent article, "Some conservative Christians are stepping away from the gender wars," Ruth Graham writes that the rise and cultural acceptance of the transgender lifestyle is threatening to conservative Christians, who are "vociferous" in opposition to everything from drag shows to hormone treatments and causing trans people "devastating" mental health problems.

"In many ways, conservative Christians have become the face of the American anti-trans movement," Graham states.

In Dr. Alex McFarland's words, however, the evangelical Church is simply not confused about God's design.

McFarland, Alex (Christian apologist) McFarland

"God calls His Church to proclaim His Word, and the Word of God (Genesis 1:27) says there are two genders," he notes. "There is male, and there is female."

He says Graham has voiced liberal wishful thinking.

"I think The New York Times tries to portray the Church as divided, but the vast, vast majority stand for what reality and the Word of God says: there are males and females; end of story," Dr. McFarland submits.

He also points out that this is not the first time culture has rebelled against that design.

"The so-called gender wars are really part of a larger battle which is in every generation: the battle for not only truth itself, but the battle for people's souls," the apologist tells AFN.

And as liberal denominations and their members are bowing to the LGBT's flesh-driven agenda, he urges the evangelical Church to draw a bright line.

"If you deny reality and you go with every insanity or delusion of the hour, I'll pray for you, but we cannot walk together," Dr. McFarland concludes.