Theological compromise and spiritual catastrophe on display

Theological compromise and spiritual catastrophe on display

Theological compromise and spiritual catastrophe on display

This Friday, two faith-based nonprofits that were once biblically solid are hosting a homosexual-affirming conference on sharing the Christian faith.


The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), The Trinity Forum, and the ultra-liberal Sojourners are co-sponsoring the upcoming conference about "practicing civic discipleship."

One of the speakers is Sojourners President Adam Taylor, a pastor ordained in the American Baptist Church + the Progressive National Baptist Convention who frequently posts so-called "pride celebration" tweets that claim it is possible to be an openly LGBTQ+ follower of Christ. He also often rails against what he calls the Church's bigotry for following scripture.

Dr. Ray Pritchard of Keep Believing Ministries points out that NAE and Trinity were once solid, Bible-believing organizations, and he says "it's tragic" to see what they have become.

"It shows us that one compromise leads to another, leads to another, leads to another," he submits.

Pritchard, Dr. Ray (Keep Believing Ministries) Pritchard

This Friday's online forum will look at how to connect discipleship with participation in public life. Dr. Pritchard says Taylor is sure to advocate for the acceptance and praise of people who are living in and practicing sin.

"They have this LGBT-affirming speaker who's going to tell them how to build bridges to share the gospel in the 21st century," he notes. "It is sad, it is tragic, but it is all too predictable."

The Trinity Forum boasts several current and former evangelical leaders as senior fellows, including religious liberty attorney David French and Russell Moore, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission.

AFN tried to reach Moore for comment but did not hear back.

"It's a sad thing, but the devil makes a move, and the result is theological compromise and spiritual catastrophe," Dr. Pritchard reiterates.

He says the only way for believers to safeguard themselves and their churches and ministries against compromise is to look to Christ and to be completely open, honest, and transparent with brothers and sisters who care enough to hold each other accountable.