Believers are 'gravely concerned'

Believers are 'gravely concerned'

Believers are 'gravely concerned'

Christian leaders agree that evangelicals are well aware of what's at stake this November.

According to Coral Ridge Ministries' (CRM) recently released 2024 Spiritual State of the Nation Survey, immigration is the top concern for 56% of respondents ahead of the November general election. America's sovereignty, abortion, federal spending, and religious freedom rounded out the top-five.

Dr. Alex McFarland says evangelicals are paying attention to what is happening in Washington.

McFarland, Alex (Christian apologist) McFarland

"People are gravely concerned about illegal immigration, the border," he echoes. "People are viscerally angry that we're spending money to secure the Ukrainian border and doing nothing about our own."

Support for Israel was also embraced by 100% of those surveyed. If the informal study had been conducted before the antisemitic protests on U.S. college campuses became more violent, McFarland thinks that would have been one of the respondents' top concerns.

"We want to know why the Democrat Left does not have the moral courage or prescience to condemn Jew hatred," he submits.

Pacienza, Dr. Robert (CRM) Pacienza

Dr. Robert Pacienza, president of Coral Ridge Ministries, says CRM's followers notice the Biden administration's selective weaponization against Christians. 25% say they have experienced verbal or physical abuse or bias because of their Christian faith.

"100% believe that the Department of Justice has specifically targeted some Americans due to their Christian beliefs and Christian conviction," Dr. Pacienza notes.

Comparing the outcome of 2016 -- when evangelicals showed up in record numbers to vote their values -- to what happened in 2020 -- when that voting bloc dropped -- he says evangelicals can make a difference in November. But they will have to show up and vote.