'Pimp preachers' just want money

'Pimp preachers' just want money

'Pimp preachers' just want money

A Christian minister says the religious leaders in Boston who are calling on "the white church" to support a movement to pay $15 billion in reparations to the city's black residents are not true ministers of the gospel of Jesus.

The Boston Peoples Reparations Commission recently put together an event at Resurrection Lutheran Church, where they made the proposition to those with a historical role in the slave trade and guilty of "three centuries of institutionalized anti-black racism."

"We call on the white church in Boston to join us in supporting a black reparations movement," said Reverend Kevin Peterson.

Peterson is reportedly one of 16 clergymen who have signed a letter to the churches the group wants to participate in giving reparations through cash payments, the creation of affordable housing, or "financial and economic institutions in Black Boston."

Reverend Steven Craft, an ordained Christian minister and a longtime member of the Project 21 black leadership network, says, "These are nothing but a bunch of pimp preachers that are liberals that want money."

Craft, Rev. Steven (Project 21) Craft

"These so-called black liberal preachers, who are false ministers, come up with this nonsense every election cycle," he observes. "Number one, it's not biblical. Number two, they are not true ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And number three, this is a spiritual issue that God requires all of us to forgive one another."

Craft adds that "there is no such thing as a white church or a black church or a brown church. There's only the Church of Jesus Christ that comes to many different colors and different cultures."

He reasons that because this request is not biblical, God is not in it. So, if these "so-called preachers" do not stop, Rev. Craft warns "they're gonna bust Hell wide open."