‘Israel The Miracle’ author says Christians appreciated, especially after Oct. 7 attack

‘Israel The Miracle’ author says Christians appreciated, especially after Oct. 7 attack

‘Israel The Miracle’ author says Christians appreciated, especially after Oct. 7 attack

Most Christian believers are familiar with God’s promise to Abraham and in Genesis 12:3 his promise to everyone else: “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

With that in mind, Jonathan Feldstein, a contributor to AllIsrael.com News and many Christian media outlets, and also president of the Genesis 123 Foundation, isn’t surprised when he receives a call or text from Christians in various parts of the world inquiring about him and his family.

However, for many Israeli Jews, there’s only a fragile confidence in the support of Christians as Israel’s war with Hamas continues.

“Israelis often feel like we're standing alone, and we know that there's support, although I'll be honest, most Israeli Jews don't really understand the nature of Christian support,” Feldstein said on American Family Radio Wednesday.

Born and educated in the U.S., Feldstein moved to Israel in 2004. Through his work with Genesis 123 he aims to build relationships between Jews and Christians.

“Since Oct. 7th, when we are fighting the war of our lives, which is so black and white, good versus evil, to have Christian support from all over the world, literally, every denomination across the board, it's been so wonderful, it's inspiring,” Feldstein told show host Jenna Ellis.

“We’re beginning to,” he said, “and that’s important.” 

Feldstein, Jonathan Feldstein

Much of Feldstein’s time these days is spent promoting the new Genesis 123 book “Israel The Miracle.” Released last year, it commemorates the establishment of the State of Israel 75 years ago. The book compiles essays, reflections and stories from influential Christian leaders who share their experiences with the land and people of Israel.

Among them is American Family Radio host and producer John Riley.

Feldstein took “Israel The Miracle” to the printer Aug. 23 last year. It was released just two weeks before Oct. 7.

“It kind of threw a wrench in the system but honestly, it's even more inspiring, more relevant, and the feedback that we've gotten has been tremendous,” he said.

Feldstein’s message to Christians in the U.S. and elsewhere is that in spite of the war, Israel is open for business.

“Christians need to come back. It’s safe," he said. "There’s a war going on, but in most of the country, for good or for bad, if you don’t pay attention to your phone and don’t watch the news, you don’t really know there’s a war going on. That’s encouraging. It means the army is doing its job.”

Don’t just ride a tour bus

Haim Katz, the Israeli Minister of Tourism, addressed the National Religious Broadcasters in Nashville last week. He said America represents Israel's biggest tourism market. 

"Demand from the U.S. is at a peak," he said. "We must maintain the momentum and, especially in light of the war, encourage tourism to Israel as much as possible.”

For Feldstein, the goal is more than just having Christians show up.

“I also tell them, don't just do a traditional on-and-off the bus tourist thing. Come and meet us. Come and engage with us. Come build relationships,” he said.