A humble request

A humble request

A humble request

A conservative Presbyterian denomination is hoping President Biden's administration will "renounce the sin" of transgender procedures for minors.

A commission appointed by the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) General Assembly is petitioning President Biden and other federal officials to protect gender-confused youth from so-called "affirming" treatments and surgical interventions.

"Our belief that God created humanity male and female is foundational to our faith and doctrine," says Rev. Nathan Newman, pastor and chaplain with Ministry to State. "That's what Jesus is saying in Matthew 19 when he said, 'He who created them from the beginning made them male and female.' He's quoting from the book of Genesis himself. These are foundational principles for our church."

Newman adds that the Church is called to love and care for the most vulnerable, "and we especially want to protect children from harm caused by gender transition efforts."

Newman, Rev. Nathan (Ministry to State) Newman

"The PCA's letter humbly and earnestly urges our government leaders to take decisive and compassionate action that address the harmful practices of rejecting biological sex so that we can ensure the wellbeing of the next generation," he tells AFN.

Newman and the other five authors stress that medical attempts to change a person's gender through surgeries or hormonal intervention are physically impossible and can lead to more suffering.

"Persons who try to change their biological sex through the process of transitioning —including psychotherapy, lifelong hormonal treatments, and extensive nongenital and genital surgeries — are attempting the impossible," the letter states.

Though Ministry to State ministers to those serving in government, petitioning the government is an unusual act in the PCA. The denomination adheres to the 17th-century Westminster Confession of Faith, which advises churches "not to intermeddle with civil affairs which concern the commonwealth, unless by way of humble petition in cases extraordinary."

Supporters of this measure, however, believe the Biden administration's support for such interventions fits the definition of "cases extraordinary."

The Biden administration is not expected to respond.