Pastor Jack Hibbs: Vote biblical values – and leave the results to God

Pastor Jack Hibbs: Vote biblical values – and leave the results to God

Pastor Jack Hibbs: Vote biblical values – and leave the results to God

A California pastor says Christians should consider themselves obligated to participate in the political process – regardless of what they think of available candidates – and should follow what he calls the "Trinity of Truth" to help them cast ballots.

Jack Hibbs, the senior and founding pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, east of Los Angeles, said on American Family Radio Wednesday that family, the definition of life, and Israel should be the supreme guiding factors.

"All other views or positions emanate out from one of those three things regarding a candidate's voting record," Hibbs told show host Jenna Ellis.

God's definition of marriage is the foundation for the family, Hibbs explained.

"Without the family, we've got no country. So, what is that candidate's view on family? The next thing is what is their view on life? Are they really pro-life? What are they doing about it?" he suggested as questions voters should be asking.

"The third and final thing is, according to the Scripture – and this is timely; I've been doing this for 35 years, and the Trinity of Truth has never failed me yet – the third thing is what is the candidate's view on Israel," Hibbs said.

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The pastor recalled that some Christians threw up their hands in the last two presidential elections when their choices were the brash Donald Trump, found offensive by many; or Democrats Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, whose policies on family and life fall far short of the bar for many conservatives.

That's the wrong approach, said Hibbs. Christians can take comfort in God's sovereignty and His ultimate victory, but their involvement is necessary in the here and now, the pastor emphasized.

"Every person who names the name of Jesus, who considers themselves a Christian, should register to vote and get out there and vote biblical worldview values for the candidate who comes the closest – and leave the results to God. Don't sit back and criticize and stay out of the process and wonder why things are so messed up.

"God's going to give us the victory, but we've got to go to the battle."

Beyond the Trinity of Truth, Hibbs urged voters to know their candidates the best they can, understanding that those seeking office are not always what they profess.

Know your candidate the best you can

"Not everybody who says they're Christians are Christians," he stated. "Not everybody who says they're conservatives are conservatives. In some areas, we don't have the capability of knowing that – but our God does."

According to Hibbs, 2 Corinthians 10:6 is a call for Christians to vote.

"By your righteousness in following Christ, punish all unrighteousness in the day that your righteousness is honored – simply meaning this: Stand up for what's right. Speak the truth in love. Don't waver. Know what it is you believe in," he shared.

"And when you stand up at the school board meeting and say, 'No, we are not going to be doing this pornography in the classroom, and we are not going to allow these board members to do such things,' I am being a Christian in that," Hibbs said.