Bishops can't deny the facts

Bishops can't deny the facts

Bishops can't deny the facts

A defender of the Catholic Church says its national anti-poverty and social justice program appears to support prayer to demons.

Michael Hichborn's Lepanto Institute has discovered that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), which claims to thoroughly investigate and monitor its donor recipients, has been donating money to a group that is violating Church teaching.

"In 2013, the organization called Planting Justice held a ceremony within their staff offices during a staff meeting where they – quote – 'prayed to Baphomet,'" Hichborn relays.

That took place on the so-called International Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Hichborn, Michael (Lepanto Institute) Hichborn

"The prayer said, 'Baphomet, look at the names of the dead,' as it was also praying to a litany of other false gods, also called demons," says Hichborn.

The donation recipient, Planting Justice, has been deeply involved in the promotion of sexual perversion through transgenderism and queer ideologies, according to its own website.

"They've been doing this since at least 2013 all the way up to the present," Hichborn reports.

A spokesman for the bishops says the report is false and should be ignored, but Hichborn thinks that is the wrong attitude.

"The truth is they actually can't deny facts like this," he says. "The facts stand for themselves."

He submits that the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is either 100% complicit in directing Catholic funds to an organization that openly engaged in demon worship, has an ongoing agenda to combine the promotion of sexual perversion with its work in agriculture, and is continuing to promote sexual perversion.

"The only other possibility," he concludes, "is that the CCHD isn't performing the due diligence in vetting grantees that it claims."