Confusion in Canada: COVID lockdowns illegal … but justified

Confusion in Canada: COVID lockdowns illegal … but justified

Confusion in Canada: COVID lockdowns illegal … but justified

A Canadian court ruled last week that the COVID lockdowns in that country during the pandemic were illegal. But it's not going to make much of a difference to a pastor who is facing up to ten years in prison for preaching a sermon.

A judge in an Alberta, Canada court ruled that the one person who was authorized to issue lockdown orders delegated that task to Canada's Cabinet – which did not have that authority. Artur Pawlowski is pastor of the Cave of Adullam church in Calgary, Alberta. He tells AFN it's not the landmark victory many news outlets are making it out to be.

"Judges are sending mixed messages," the pastor argues. ""They said based on a technicality, yes, the lockdowns and the mandates restrictions were illegal, however they were perfectly justified."

Pawlowski, 50, has been convicted of violating the lockdowns by preaching a sermon to truckers who were protesting Canada's COVID-19 mandates in early 2022. But the pastor says he has been criminally convicted of inciting mischief and eco-terrorism. Pawlowski will be sentenced in September.

"If I had some house tickets still, then that would affect my situation," he explains. "But because I dared to deliver a church sermon to truckers during the … Freedom Convoy, I was charged criminally."

Pawlowski says not even one politician has been willing to stand up for him and his church. So, he's calling them out, starting with the ones he says are unjustly prosecuting him – Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and the province's Minister of Justice, Mickey Amery.

"What politicians fear the most is exposure. They love to do their dirty things. They love their corruption, bribery, but where no one is watching," he states. "They're like cockroaches spreading their diseases in the dark."

Pawlowski's son, Nathanial, appeared (via video) in early July before the European Union Parliament, arguing that his father's arrest and treatment is proof that freedom and democracy are being taken away from Canadians.