Nope to 'woke' is a nope from the pope

Nope to 'woke' is a nope from the pope

Nope to 'woke' is a nope from the pope

A defender of the Catholic Church says a beloved cleric may soon lose his job for standing up to "assaults from without as well as from within."

Michael Hichborn of the Lepanto Institute explains that two bishops selected by the Vatican have conducted an in-person investigation of Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, who has often launched social attacks on so-called "woke" values -- particularly the Pope's.

Hichborn, Michael (Lepanto Institute) Hichborn

"The question remains why this visitation is taking place, and the only thing that we can come to is that Pope Francis doesn't really like Bishop Strickland standing in opposition to the activities of the synod on synodality and speaking the truth about the LGBTQXYZ activism going on throughout the world," Hichborn submits.

The synod is the Pope's campaign to listen to Catholics and their view of the church, so the action against Strickland is a little confusing to the brethren.

"He has befriended the worst of the population control crowd, invited them in to speak at the Vatican," Hichborn reports about the pope. "He has regularly appeared with various LGBTQ activists. He has sent letters of support to Father James Martin and to Sister Jeanine Grammick, who was condemned by his predecessor."

Both are outspoken advocates for the homosexual lifestyle.

There is no word on what the Vatican will do in the Strickland case, but believing Pope Francis is intent on ruining what the church has taught for 2,000 years, Hichborn predicts the bishop will be removed from his job.