Bishops rebuke 'insidious' House Democrats

Bishops rebuke 'insidious' House Democrats

Bishops rebuke 'insidious' House Democrats

A spokesman for a grassroots pro-life Catholic group says it's time for the church to stand up to the lawmakers who are using the faith to promote abortion.

In signing on to a Renewed Statement of Principles, some 30 House Democrats who claim to be Catholic have invoked Catholic principles to support abortion.

But Hugh Brown of the American Life League assures AFN that false statement is out of line with the faith.

Brown, Hugh (ALL) Brown

"I don't know what we're waiting for," he says. "Someone has to step forward and say, 'We've had enough of this. Not only is it anti-Catholic, is it anti-common sense, but you have been working for a lifetime now against the Catholic faith. Out you go, for the good of your own soul!'"

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops immediately rebuked the Democrats for grievously distorting the faith.

"Each one of those men has a leadership position there, and they're to be applauded and thanked for opposing this absolute deception," Brown submits. "To use Christ and the Catholic faith to promote abortion? It's insidious, and it's evil, and I applaud them for standing up against it. We owe them our thanks and our gratitude."

American Life League, the oldest Catholic grassroots pro-life organization in the U.S., maintains that politicians who claim the faith but support abortion should be denied communion, because faith should be a believer's driving force in all things.