Ohio encouraged to declare Israel's 'eternal capital'

Ohio encouraged to declare Israel's 'eternal capital'

Ohio encouraged to declare Israel's 'eternal capital'

A group of pastors wants their state to be on "the right side of God," particularly when it comes to Israel.

Tens of thousands of patriotic Israelis marched through East Jerusalem on Thursday to celebrate Jerusalem Day and commemorate the capture of the holy city during the 1967 Arab–Israeli War. The march ended in a mass gathering in front of the Western Wall.

Despite objections from Palestinians, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had ordered the march to go ahead, saying, "Jerusalem will stay united forever."

As this month marks the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the modern state of Israel, a group of pastors representing 135 congregations in 15 counties in North Central Ohio, an area known as the state's Bible belt, has announced a grassroots effort to stand with Jerusalem.

Branham, Dr. Ricky (pastor) Branham

"We want the 135th General Assembly to recognize that Jerusalem is the undivided eternal capital of Israel," relays group spokesman Dr. Ricky Branham. "We've had a lot of communities in Ohio that have recognized that through proclamations, through city councils, and through mayors, and we would like Ohio to recognize that, as a state, we will stand with Jerusalem forever."

He says it is important to support the Jewish state.

"We believe that the only way that our country can be blessed is that if we're on the right side of God," Dr. Branham notes. "We believe standing with Israel and Jerusalem is the right side of God."

So if things continue to get worse, and if other issues continue to take place in the country, his group wants God's blessing on Ohio.