Gay-affirming church staffer & drag queen: Heretical combo

Gay-affirming church staffer & drag queen: Heretical combo

Gay-affirming church staffer & drag queen: Heretical combo

Atlanta-area churchgoers are being warned to stay away from a popular megachurch following a staff member's on-stage participation in a "lap dance" at a gay bar.

LeAnn Legans is the operations director at Buckhead Church in Atlanta – a satellite campus of Andy Stanley's North Point Community Church. A video circulating on Twitter shows Legans, while attending a drag show at an Atlanta-area gay bar called "The Heretic," participating in a provocative dance with a drag queen. Based on her social media posts, it's the latest show of support for homosexual perversion. [CAUTION: The video linked above contains graphic, offensive images.]

AFN asked for reaction from Dr. Alex McFarland of Truth for a New Generation. "Churches like Northpoint or their satellites and their leaders … use the name 'church,' they use the term 'Christianity – but they aren't doing what churches and Christianity are called by the Lord of the Church to do," he begins.

For the past several years, Andy Stanley – son of the recently passed Charles Stanley – has been accused of being theologically wayward when it comes to scripture and morality. In 2018, for example, he talked about "unhitching" the New Testament from the Old Testament. And in recent months, he has praised homosexuals who come to church, saying "they have more faith" than those in the pews while apologizing for some supposed harm the Church has done to them.

McFarland, Alex (Christian apologist) McFarland

McFarland says trouble always comes when churches or denominations devalue the Word of God. "For decades we've seen the older mainlines – the United Methodist church, the PCUSA, the Whiskey-palians – fall away," he laments.

The author and apologist urges individuals, for the sake of their souls, to get as far away as possible from churches like Buckhead and North Point.

"I would urge no one to ever go to any of their churches," he states bluntly. "If you're seeking truth and care about the state of your soul, you must go to a church where the Word of God is preached."

Legans reportedly has been served in various ministry positions at Buckhead Church for about 17 years.