Asbury's revival divinely ran into annual Day of Prayer

Asbury's revival divinely ran into annual Day of Prayer

Asbury's revival divinely ran into annual Day of Prayer

The long-planned National Collegiate Day of Prayer put a spiritual bow on the worship and prayer that broke out at Asbury University, and many have not missed the divine appointment.

Students were worshipping before the start of the nationwide Collegiate Day of Prayer, which is not surprising since that annual event opened Thursday night on the very campus where a 17-day revival had overtaken the historic Kentucky school.

Yes, that’s right. A day-long prayer meeting for college students came to the same campus, in Hughes Auditorium, where thousands worshipped and took the Holy Spirit back home.

“This was not planned,” a College Day speaker explained to the congregation. “It was not a function of a slick, marketing scheme. And it's not because of celebrities or professional musicians.”

Writing about the Asbury revival last week, Washington Stand editor Jared Bridges hoped for “lasting fruits of revival” from Asbury and Hughes Auditorium.

“I pray the students of Asbury are affected in a Christ-exalting way for the long haul,” he wrote. “But I also hope we Christians who are not at Asbury don’t overlook the manifestation of the Spirit in their own lives in the valleys of everyday living.”

Asbury's revival is now being credited with revival breaking out on numerous college and university campuses across the country. 

In a second commentary about Asbury, AFA president Tim Wildmon pointed out the revival that is being talked about around the world began when only a handful of students prayed together after a Feb. 8 chapel service. 

"Could this actually be the start of a Third Great Awakening for our nation?" Wildmon concludes. "Lord Jesus, may it be so!"

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