No one knows the day, but 'birth pains' are undeniable

No one knows the day, but 'birth pains' are undeniable

No one knows the day, but 'birth pains' are undeniable

The new book from an Egyptian-American pastor points out that eschatological prophesies are starting to line up.

Dr. Michael Youssef recently told the "Today's Issues" crew on AFR that he often looks at the state of the world and wonders how much longer Christ will wait to return.

"I went through all the six labor pains that our Lord Jesus described in Matthew 24 and 25, looked at what's happening globally, and I just raise the question: Is the end near?" he shared about his new book.

With falsehood and deception, wars, famines and earthquakes, persecution of the Church, and apostacy, he believes those birth pains are evident. As for evangelism, Bible translators say they are near getting Bibles into every language on earth.

Youssef, Dr. Michael (LTW) Youssef

"We are more aware of it, and that's part of God's plan," Dr. Youssef also noted. "This whole internet and all the things that we are aware of -- things in the globe that we would not have been aware of 100 years ago -- this is all part of God's plan, so that we can see these things are happening."

Next comes the rapture of the Church and the rise of the Antichrist.

"People are going to be in such dire straits economically, socially -- in every way," the author warned. "They will be looking for that type of savior who's going to deliver them from the misery that they are in."

So based off of his observations and research, he concludes in "Is the End Near?" that God could be "gathering his elect."