Funding report reveals an enemy within

Funding report reveals an enemy within

Funding report reveals an enemy within

According to a Catholic watchdog organization, the domestic anti-poverty program of the U.S. Catholic bishops is financing sin.

Lepanto Institute founder Michael Hichborn says his research and education organization has released its annual report on those funded by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).

Hichborn, Michael (Lepanto Institute) Hichborn

According to a summary of the findings from Fiscal Year 2020–2021, "66 out of 214 organizations receiving grants from the CCHD were involved in some way in the promotion of abortion, contraception, homosexuality, and Marxism," Hichborn relays. "We found 44 out of the 66 organizations directly involved in these things, 22 of which were abortion related."

In other words, a lot of money is going from church pews and into those ineligible causes. As a result, several bishops have already withdrawn from the CCHD, but Hichborn says more action is warranted.

"What needs to happen is that they need to contact their brother bishops and say, 'Hey, we need to shut this thing down. It's not working,'" he suggests.

The Lepanto Institute for the Restoration of All Things in Christ, which is dedicated to the defense of the Catholic Church against assaults from without as well as from within, asserts that the Church body has financed sin through the CCHD for years, and Hichborn encourages the people in the pews to let their church leaders know they are opposed to it.

"The Catholic Campaign for Human Development is continuing to finance the enemies of the cross of Christ," Hichborn declares.

He does not believe any bishop, priest, or layman can morally or licitly give any funding to the CCHD after reading these reports without endangering their own souls.