Sermon stretches to accommodate all 'reactions' to Roe's demise

Sermon stretches to accommodate all 'reactions' to Roe's demise

Sermon stretches to accommodate all 'reactions' to Roe's demise

A prominent Southern Baptist pastor seemed to want to tamp down his congregation's joy over the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade – perhaps because he didn't want to offend those in his congregation who might not agree with the momentous decision.

The former head of the International Missions Board, David Platt, delivered the remarks at his McLean Bible Church in Virginia. On July 3 – a little more than a week after the high court handed down the decision pro-lifers had been working for and praying for and longing for almost 50 years – Platt opened his sermon with this:

Platt: "Today I feel the sensitivities and emotions and questions and concerns that I know are represented around this gathering."

As The Christian Post notes, Platt took into account "the spectrum of political views" within the Church as a whole. He also mentioned multiple concerns that could be represented in his own church, including those who may have had an abortion for convenience's sake – as a vast majority of abortions are – and resent the joy that pro-lifers rightly felt:

Platt: "[Such as] the woman who, for a variety of social, relational, or economic reasons feels like she cannot care well for a child and sees abortion as her only hope – and she's seen so many people, and particularly Christians, happy [about the court's decision]. God help us to honor her and every woman in every way that God himself does."

McFarland, Alex (Christian apologist) McFarland

In reaction to Platt's sermon, biblical apologist Dr. Alex McFarland says Platt continues to exhibit "wokeness" in his comments. "He was struggling to articulate this fine diplomatic line where he made every conceivable provision to accommodate every conceivable perspective," he explains.

Still, McFarland points out that most of the sermon was good, agreeing with Platt's points that "every person is made in the image of God, has inherent worth and value; and [that] sexual activity is to be confined between a married husband and wife."

The entirety of Platt's sermon can be viewed below.