Street preacher encounters different level of rage

Street preacher encounters different level of rage

Street preacher encounters different level of rage

Street preachers, abortion clinic prayer warriors, and others who regularly interact with the more radical elements of the Left say the mounting anger in America is turning into rage.

Street preacher Rich Penkoski of Warriors for Christ was in Dallas last Friday when the Dobbs decision came down from the Supreme Court. He decided to go to a protest that popped up in Civic Garden Park to preach. According to Penkoski, he and his team were met with a less-than-friendly welcome – in this case, some of the protesters were chanting "God supports abortion! God supports abortion!"

He tells AFN that while none of that is unusual on the front lines of the culture war, what happened next certainly was.

"The only reason we left," he explains, "is because the police officers heard something in the crowd and they said 'I suggest you guys leave. It's about to pop off.'"

Evidently, he explains, there were three "antifa-types" with guns who were ready to take shots at them.

Penkoski says in the years he's been doing street preaching it's never been this bad.

"They were threatening – you know, 'You're going to find out there's murders real soon.' They made gestures with her hands like guns, threatening violence, threatening to kill us …  just some of the most disgusting, filthy things you can say to a person," he recalls.

Penkoski warns the country is at an inflection point. "The Bible says [in 2 Chronicles 7:14] that if we are willing to repent of our sin and turn from it, that God promises to heal our land," he quotes. "If we don't – we could take a lesson from Sodom and Gomorrah."

Our way or the highway

The violent reaction of pro-abortion extremists to Friday's Dobbs decision intensified over the weekend – and not just in Dallas. Leading up to the ruling, multiple crisis pregnancy centers were vandalized and firebombed in several locations around the country.

AFN spoke with a conservative activist who says it's clear to him that radical mobs are willing to engage in violence in order to impose their leftist values on the entire country.

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer

"What we witnessed over the weekend was radical Democrats rioting in Democrat-controlled cities in Democrat-controlled states that have abortion on demand," says Gary Bauer of American Values. "And why were they rioting? They were rioting because they don't want pro-life states around the country that have pro-life majorities to defend the sanctity of life."

Bauer contends such mobs don't want each state to be able to determine the values they're going to promote. "They want to take the values of San Francisco and Portland and New York and Philadelphia and impose those values on the entire country – and they're willing to engage in violence in order to do so," he concludes.