Belief in God makes a difference, says McFarland

Belief in God makes a difference, says McFarland

Belief in God makes a difference, says McFarland

As Americans' belief in God is at an all-time low and dropping, a Christian apologist says the country's morality can also be expected to decline.

According to the latest Gallup poll, 81% of Americans say they believe in God – a figure that dropped six points since 2017. While that may seem like a healthy number, biblical apologist Alex McFarland says the decline is a big reason Americans' safety and values are deteriorating.

"For the majority of our history, belief in God – and specifically Christianity – has characterized our country, and this has influenced the moral and spiritual habits of individuals and families," he asserts.

McFarland, Alex (Christian apologist) McFarland

But how much difference can belief in God make when Americans refuse to live by his principles?

George Barna of the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University recently found that only 2% of American parents of pre-teens – along with only about one-third of Christian pastors – have a biblical worldview.

McFarland submits, though, that simply believing in God still makes a difference.

"If you do believe in God, you're probably more likely to mitigate toward a biblical worldview than if you don't believe in God all together," he poses. "One would have to be blind to miss that we are paying a severe price for our loss of God."

He says the decline began decades ago, and he lays a large part of the blame at the feet of America's "hyper-militantly secular universities."